Do you have a Disease or Disorder that has been bothering you for a long time? Or have are you currently going through a medical program and want to speed up the process? Do you want to know what it feels like to be perfectly healthy?


Diseases and Disorders are almost always the symptom of a deeper, underlying problem. You could view almost all of our problems as a tree, of which the disease is “just” a branch, or even a leaf. In other words, the disease or disorder is a symptom of a much deeper, underlying problem that wants to be solved.

Why was it never solved? The underlying problem might have to do with a deep childhood fear or trauma, for example. At that moment, you and/or your parents might have dried your tears and made you laugh, but the real hurt and lesson that your soul was trying to learn was never really addressed.

Years and years might have gone by since that experience, and it still wasn’t healed and addressed properly, and so now, this issue shows itself as the disease you are wrestling with at the moment.

The example I sketched here, is one of the possible reasons for your disease or disorder, since there can be other root causes as well.

With ThetaHealing, we take a look what is really going on “behind the scenes” of your disease or disorder. To find what is the true root cause of your disease or disorder. Once we properly solve and address this root, it should feel like a weight has finally fallen off your shoulders.

This can be a great help to speed up the natural healing process already going on in your body. A ThetaHealing session like this can also hugely aid the medical process you are currently already following.

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